Prepress Specifications

SMGI & SMGII PRE-PRESS: ECRM violet plate setters/Nela vision bender

  • Screen Ruling: 110 line screen
  • Our plate-setters use violet lasers to meticulously etch images onto printing plates, which gives us the ability to virtually match the colors you expected to the finished product. We also use gray bars to calibrate each page and aid in accurately setting ink. Lastly, we provide color settings that are a fingerprint of our press and are always available to work directly with you to output the highest quality product imaginable.

SMGI Press Specifications

Press: SMGI’s new state-of-the–art Goss Magnum press can print 50,000 copies per hour.
Tabloid: Capable of printing a 64 page tabloid with 48 pages of process color in collect mode / single run.
Broadsheet: Capable of printing up to a 40 page broadsheet with 24 process color pages in collect mode / single run.
Printing Inks: All color is CMYK separated. Black ink limit is 90 and total ink limit is 220.
Paper: SMG stocks 22", 24", 27" and 32" webs in 28 pound standard newsprint. Also available in 35, and 45 pound premium 80. Sheet cutoff: 21.5.